Tuesday, August 17, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks - Book 25: Look Again

Have you ever looked at those postcards that come with your junk mail? You know, the ones that say "Have you seen this child?" A picture of a child is shown, often one that has been "aged progressed" by a law enforcement agency. Have you ever looked at one of those postcards and seen your own child's face staring back at you?

Lisa Scottoline has woven a suspenseful story about  Ellen Gleeson, an adoptive mother who finds herself in just this situation. Using her talent as an investigative reporter, the main character in Look Again travels far and wide in order to unravel this mystery. This story could have been very predictable, but Ms.Scottoline includes details, a sub plot and  plot twists that make it anything but that.

I read this in one day while at the beach earlier this summer. I could not put this book down - it went everywhere with me that day as I stole away every moment I could to read - in the elevator, on the deck, waiting for my lunch. This engaging story is well worth every moment I took to read it.

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hornblower said...

I love Lisa Scottoline! Both the thrillers & her humor.

Dd & I just recently read Why My Third Husband Will be a Dog.....it was a great funny read.