Free Homeschooling Resources

Free Online Resources for Homeschooling Your Middle and High School Students

The following is a list of free resources for (mostly) middle and high school that I have compiled over several years. This list is arranged by subject. Resources that are designated to be "STEM" are found in the category that most closely matches the majority of the content on the site, but be aware that all STEM disciplines are referred to at these sites. In the teacher resource section you will find just that - links that might help your day go easier! The If you find a link that does not work or one that leads to inappropriate content, please let me know in the comments so that I can update the list.

Performing Arts
Visual Arts
Computer Science
Home Economics
Teacher Resources

History/Geography/Am. Government/Current Events


Grammar & Composition

Performing Arts (music/music appreciation/music history/acting/dance)

  • Alcumus - Math competition practice; supplement all high school math; from Art of Problem Solving 
  • Blossoms (MIT) - Math & science video lessons for high school 
  • Geometry Toolbox - Online tool for creating geometry constructions 
  • MIT Blossoms - Math & science video lessons for high school
  • Probability & Statistics - Free downloadable PDF; four modules: basic statistics concepts; the normal model; discrete probability distributions; correlation and regression; from The Actuarial Foundation 
  • Principles of Accounting - Online textbook; fundamental accounting instruction for college-level students; partnership w/Utah State University
  • Purple Math - Algebra lessons
  • Regent’s Prep - Formula cheat sheets for Alg. 2, Trig & Probability
  • Strategicum - Math; gifted; Olympiad
  • Virtual Math Lab - West Texas A & M; beginning algebra; college algebra; Accuplacer; GRE tutorials
  • Yay Math - Videos, worksheets, online quizzes for Alg 1 & 2; geometry


  • BBC Languages - Language courses
  • DuoLingo - Free language classes: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Itallian 
  • Lifeprint - Free ASL courses – 2 levels

Visual Arts (Art/Art Appreciation/Art History/Design)

Economics & Personal Finance

Computer Science & Engineering (all disciplines)

Home Economics/Consumer Sciences

Misc. Subject & Topic Resources (subjects and topics that don't fit neatly into other categories)

Multiple Subject Resources (cover two or more subject areas)

Teacher Resources

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