Welcome - Come on In!

While getting ready for a trip to a local bookstore, as a young child my son became very excited and I commented that it was as if we had told him we were going to the playground. His response was "We are - a playground of words!" What a description for books. So, welcome to our playground of words!

We try to have as much fun as possible at our place, although, to be honest, we can look like really boring people to those who don't share our interests. But isn't that true of everyone? Just don't try to talk to me about sports. No, really. I just don't get it. 

Onward with the introductions. Here are the people you will meet on my blog: 

Tech Wife - Welcome to my blog! I am a woman in transition as my days as a homeschool mom are numbered! My job of the past ten years is quickly coming to an end as we approach high school graduation. My passions are Bible study, reading and quilting and I am looking forward to spending more time with these endeavors as the months go by. 

Renaissance Man - The name says it all! The man in charge is a technical executive with an international company, a historian, theologian, chef and romantic. He travels far and wide and sometimes we get to go with him! 

Rocket Boy - Our college freshman, majoring in industrial design. How did he get to be so big?

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