Saturday, November 29, 2014


The season is certainly changing right now. We've had a few days where the high temperature didn't make it out of the forties, I've found all of my sweaters and all of my fuzzy socks and have been searching for my earmuffs. My life is certainly changing in other areas as well. This is my son's senior year of high school - how did that happen so fast? He is taking some dual enrollment courses this year and is applying to university, writing scholarship essays, drawing, running a Minecraft server, going to church and keeping up with a couple of friends. I am not the primary teacher in any of his subjects this year. I am going to be "shepherding" him through a personal finance credit, but other than that, everything is outsourced. It is a strange feeling. I am not writing any lesson plans, nor am I researching curriculum to use next year. After all, that would be silly! So what am I doing? Praying, reading, quilting, petting kittens.  Wait - did you say kittens? Yes, of course! We said goodbye to our longtime cat, Bert earlier this year. In an effort to provide some company for our remaining cat, Mia, we went to a shelter to adopt a cat. We were thinking about maybe one about 18 months old. Well, we came out with two ten-week old kittens. This is what they looked like when we brought them home in June. Aren't they adorable? You'll have to check back another time for more current pictures!

Tribble June 11
Sprocket June 11
  I'm looking forward to reading some substantive books this coming year - I'm hoping to participate in a group where we read one book per week and post reviews of them, linking to a central website. I did this a few years ago and it was great to get so many ideas from the books others had reviewed. I already have quite a list of books I've been putting off reading - I can't wait to get started. Until then, I'll probably post some shorter comments or reviews on other books. I am, however, saving my best for next year when they "count." Isn't that funny? I am looking forward to writing more, to reading more and to quilting more. Most days, I am looking forward to this next phase of my life. I am at one of those rare life crossroads, in that I am fully aware that the choices I make over the next year or two will greatly impact the next twenty years or so of my life. They are choices like: do I work for pay or continue to do volunteer work? Where would I do either? Do I travel with my husband when he goes on his business trips? How much time to I devote to my hobbies? How can I use my bobbies to make a difference in the world? What can I do to take an active role in strengthening my faith, not a passive one? What will my relationship with my son be like as he starts college and begins to live more independently? How will we both change and grow after having spent so much time together over the years? Mostly, I am enjoying the journey!

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