Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekly Report: Week 14

We had a slow week, full of life lessons and not so much academic ones. Here it is:

Bible: We started two new books. Our primary Bible study book is now Wise Up! Wisdom from Proverbs. This is a middle school Bible study from Positive Action. It promises to be an excellent character building study. It is well written and geared towards middle school students, which is fabulous. We have also started reading Practical Happiness by Bob Schultz. I picked that one up at the Generations of Virtue booth at the convention last year. I am hopeful that it will be good throughout.

History: Imperialism and it's effects on Asia and Canada; short summaries on the 1840 Act of Union; the British North American Act; Louis Papineua and William Lyon MacKenzie. Timeline work and map work.

Language Arts: NaNoWriMo is still in progress! Analytical Grammar work on punctuatiing quotations & dialogue.

Algebra I: Reviewed how to graph points on a graph, how to graph lines on a number line. 

Speech & Debate: After watching a mock debate tournament that some advanced students conducted, the students learned how judging and scoring is completed during a debate competition.

Art & Civics: The co-op semester is over, so the classes had end of class celebrations. At the end, I can say that Atilier Art might be a match for someone who is unfamiliar with art, but there was no new material in there for Rocket Boy. I don't think the projects he completed were that different from others I have seen coming out of a beginning art class, so I would not be inclined to purchase this expensive video curriculum for a student. His civics class was a success. I like the aspect of class discussion regarding our government, especially when relevant court cases are discussed in conjunction with the amendments, giving the students a real life application & greater understanding of how the amendments protect us as citizens of the USA.

First Lego League: The state tournament is quickly approaching. There is still much more work to be done. Hopefully I will have a team video and web site to post next week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


Carrie said...

Thanks for the link to the Bob Schultz book! I have a couple of his other books, and this one looks like a must-have, too!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

Good luck with FLL!

Mandy in TN said...

LOL- I saw Karen's post and wondered what in the world First Language Lessons had to do with your blog post. Yeah- I'm a little tired. Looking forward to the FLL video!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Sometimes life lessons are better than academic ones anyway. Hope NaNo and FLL continue to be fun & done!

Robin McCormack said...

Thanks for the link to Positive Action. They have some great stuff.