Thursday, June 24, 2010

Belated Post:: 57% Coupon Savings

I am trying to catch up a bit on some old posts. Back at the end of April,  Harris Teeter once again provided the wonderful benefit of triple coupon days. This time my savings % was not as significant as my first time, but I still saved quite a bit purchasing foods that I know my family will eat.

I have decided that no one should buy yogurt without a coupon. There is nothing like getting Yoplait for 24 cents each. On this particular trip, my total was $70.39. I used coupons to save $39.94, resulting in a 57% savings with my final bill being $30.45. The picture is a bit crowded, so here are some of the good buys that I found: bisquick baking mix for waffles & pancakes, yogurt, spreadable fruit, eggs, frozen vegetables, taco seasoning, kitchen cleaner, dishwasher detergent, toothpaste and dental floss, bread, a muffin mix and a delightful pint of Starbucks Hot Chocolate flavored ice cream - the most delicious buy of all!

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