Saturday, November 21, 2009

Weekly Update - Weeks 14 & 15 (11/09-11/20/2009)

During the past two weeks I have implemented a six week plan to get Rocket Boy caught up on his history before Christmas. By that I mean that he will be halfway through the program. We'll see if it works. So, in the past two weeks, he has completed a biographical paper and read two books as well as other history, map and time line assignments. He also has completed a comparison between democracy and the Mayflower Compact. Rocket Boy has really progressed in his outlining skills. He did a great job last week outlining two pages from the Kingfisher History book. There are several outlining assignments throughout History Odyssey and they are helpful in teaching/applying how to decide what is important and how to categorize the information. Friday, he finished his power point presentation on the East India Companies. Overall, I am very pleased with the rigor and variety in the History Odyssey curriculum from Pandia Press.

As Rocket Boy is a bit disorganized, I tweaked our organizational system a bit this week. We are going back to having his assignment list on his clipboard. Workbooks that need correction go back in his box as usual, however, I will put loose pages that need corrections on his clipboard. After he corrects them they go back in my box. Hopefully this will save some time and eliminate missed corrections. After doing this for two weeks now, it is helping, but it has not been flawless, but baby steps are very important!

Over the past two weeks in Science, a very traditional science experiment has been underway - how does light affect the growth of plants? The set up and initial measurements were successfully completed and two weeks of data have been collected. The hardest part will has been keeping the cat from snacking on the plants! I am looking forward to seeing the summary presentation on Monday.

We finished up the fall semester at our co-op - I enjoyed co-teaching a class we called Good Eats: Homeschool Edition. Rocket Boy took a rocketry class (how could he pass that up?) and a class called Geometry Gems, which explained and then used geometrical concepts in art. Very interesting. Next semester I am going to teach cryptography, which will actually be a sneaky pre-algebra review.

We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving break and will have a limited amount of school next week, then pressing on towards Christmas.

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