Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vacation Fashion Fun

We just returned from our annual vacation to Hilton Head Island. This was the sixth consecutive year we have made this trip. We really love the laid back tropical atmosphere of the island and the community is very welcoming to us tourists. On our second day there, I became a "toasty tourist" by forgetting to put sunscreen on my upper body. Ouch! That night, we went to Wal Mart and found HHI t-shirts there for $5 - so I had a cover up shirt for the rest of the week. The next day we went to the General Store and saw the same t-shirts for $20. I had always heard Clark Howard say you should do your tourist shopping at Wal Mart & now I believe him! They had a full complement of t-shirts, visors and flip flops, all at Wal Mart prices.

On our last night on the island, we went to Harbour Town. Crazy Crab has fabulous hush puppies, which is what drew me in! We were sad to realize that our son has outgrown Gregg Russell, so we didn't hear anymore than the Flying Purple People Eater at a distance.

While waiting for a table, I had the opportunity to oberve tourist fashions. Some things were absolutely hilarious. I developed fashion categories for what I was seeing. You must understand that I did this all in my head & did not utter a word! One category was "I am too old to wear this" - which involved 40-50 somethings in short shorts and tank tops. Another category was "I'm a guy" which involved wearing shorts and a polo. There was only one varient on the theme, which was shorts and what I call a missionary shirt, which are shirts that are not meant to be tucked in (every missionary I have ever met wears these shirts - I don't know why). Guys have it so easy! One category was "I'm too cool for this" which involved wearing pants down around the ankles, boxer shorts and a t shirt tied up to display the previously mentioned boxers. Very sad & very scary all at the same time! One of the sweetest sights that I saw were the young girls, maybe in their middle school years, who had dressed up slightly in their casual dresses, but had some makeup on and took care with their hairstyles. Very neat to see these young ladies wear tasteful clothing for a night out with their families!

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