Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From Romantic to Realist

Early in my married years I read several books by Georgia author, Eugenia Price. I remember them as being wonderful books. Recently I pulled one off of my shelf for a re-read. Boy, have I changed!

Today I finished reading Bright Captivity. What I once thought romantic, I now think irresponsible. What a difference 14 years can make! The main characters are not unified on several major life issues: his career, war, slavery, place of residence. The man has no job and relies on others to provide for him - ignoring a valuable offer from one family member of a free estate and begrudgingly working for another relative with whom he and his wife are living, all the while pining away for a job he cannot have. As a woman, the female lead had never fixed her hair or picked out her clothes for daily wear prior to her marriage, instead, relying on her slave to do these tasks for her. Their coping mechanism for all of these issues was to basically stick their heads in the sand! Amazing!

I must give them credit, by the end of the book, the two were beginning to grow up, as we all do. I wonder if this character would have looked back fourteen years later and wondered at how they got started in their married life?

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