Tuesday, September 20, 2011

English I - Doing It Our Way

We hit an unexpected road block in school this year - English/Language Arts - whatever you care to call it! The program I had selected simply didn't meet Rocket Boy's needs. When I went looking around, I kept coming across many programs that had things we didn't need, but would have to pay for and there was always something missing as well. In the process I came across some stand alone products that when combined, make up an appropriate, custom English I course, which I find very exciting!

Here's the mix: 
o       Reading Detective B1. 
o       Building Thinking Skills, Level 3 Verbal 
o       Building Thinking Skills, Level 3 Figurative 
o       Word Roots A1 and Word Roots, A2 
o       Write Shop. 
o       Read four selections from the reading list.
o       Complete a book project for each of the four books you read.
o      Movies as Literature
o       Read four books from a reading list
o       Weekly meetings for the purpose of direct instruction and discussion of course materials.

We are adding a few things this week, then next week we will go at it full force.

Next up on the chopping block: Science!!!

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