Tuesday, November 2, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks - Book 44: The Confession

John Grisham has done it again! I truly admire this lawyer turned writer for his ability to turn  legal fiction into a thriller. I made the mistake of starting this book late in the evening and so I was up until 4:00AM when I turned the last page. Grisham has included characters of faith in his novels before, however in this one,  Keith Schroeder, a Lutheran pastor takes center stage as he hears the story of a recently released sex offender, Travis Boyette, and then attempts to stop the execution of a man who is quite possibly innocent. Either that, or Mr. Boyette is leading him on a wild goose chase from his home in Kansas down to Slone, Texas and over to Missouri. This book is typical Gresham - an engaging, unpredictable page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat and up all night.

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Sojourner said...

I've been thinking about reading this one. I'll pick it up now - but I'll be sure not to start it at night! :-)