Wednesday, October 27, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks - Book 35: David Livingston Africa's Trailblazer

Science or religion? That was the choice that faced David Livingstone in is younger years. His father taught him that science was incompatible with faith in God, that people ought not to ask why things were they way they were. Yet David passionately loved studying God's creation.  Thankfully, through a missionary detailing how God uses physicians in the mission field, his father saw the error of his ways and allowed his son to pursue education in the sciences and medicine specifically. Armed with his medical degree, David set out to Africa to minister to the Africans. Over the course of his career he combined his medicine with his urge to explore and mapped the interior of Africa over many years. Through it all, he maintained his faith in God, married and became well known throughout the world for his work in missions and cartography. This book is easy to read and is appropriate for anyone 4th grade or older.

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