Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Saved 68% on Groceries!

Back in January, I was inspired by the savings that my friend Jen at Serving From the Heart earned by using coupons. I started saving coupons that week, but instead of clipping them all out like I usually do, I just stuck them in a file. Today, Harris Teeter started a week of triple coupons. This was my chance! I could triple coupons up to $0.99 each, limit 20 coupons per day. I am thrilled with the results!  Here is a picture of the items I received FREE:
This is how I did it:
Trident Layers Gum :reg 1.55  face value coupon .75 x 3 = FREE gum
Barilla Mini Pasta: reg 1.50 sale price 1.25 face value coupon .55 x 3 = FREE pasta
Country Crock margarine: reg. 2.29 BOGO price 1.14 coupon .40 x 3 = FREE margarine
Stoneyfield yogurt: reg. .99 sale .50 each, coupon .50 off of three x 3 = FREE yogurt

My original grocery bill was $57.12. By taking advantage of sales and the triple coupon deals, I saved $38.92. My total  ended up being $18.20 - a 68% savings! Here is a picture of the entire haul:

Other than the free items, my favorite deals were:
Reynolds Parchment paper: reg. $3.99, I paid $.94
Reynolds foil: reg. $4.39, I paid $.75
Mahatma Rice: reg. $1.69, I paid $.19
Snickers candy bar: reg. $.89, I paid $.14
McCormick Parsley:  reg. 2.29, I paid $.04
Birds Eye frozen peas: reg. 3.79, I paid $.39

I'm looking forward to more coupon fun! Thanks, Jen!


cjtoscano said...

You are so sweet! So glad that you saved so much! Great job!

Kim said...

That's AWESOME! Great job!