Monday, March 15, 2010

52 Books in 52 Weeks - Book 11: The Blind Side

I picked this book up because of my interest in education. The story is a true one - of how a wealthy family takes in future pro football player, Michael Oher.  The family provides for his physical needs and his educational needs and in the process provides a place of belonging.  In an attempt to provide background information, the author digresses into long passes on the history of the game of American football. Not particularly being a sports fan, these passages made my eyes glaze over. The author's writing style is that of a reporter - just the facts. There is no insight given into the thought process of young Mr. Oher and how he felt being integrated into a white, upper class family - an opportunity that came about because he could play football - and play it well. Although we hear the about shopping trips to get clothes and private tutors as well as various people who surround him becoming proud of his accomplishments, Mr. Oher point of view is obviously missing. I walked away from this book feeling that I'd only been told half of the story. The author would have had a much more compelling story had he made further effort to include Mr.Oher's perspective on his life during his formative years.

I don't seem to be reading many books that I like this year - I'll have to try to figure out why, soon. Otherwise, I'll have to call this "The Year of Reading Badly."

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Laughing Lioness said...

I was intrigued by movie reviews. Thanks for the good book review- maybe I'll just skip the book and head straight over to the movie aisle!