Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Review - Week 20 (Jan. 11-15)

This week was not as strong of a week as last week was, although we managed to cover some ground.

History Odyssey - Research for a report on the Industrial Revolution is underway. Note taking will commence next week. Stay tuned.

Math - Rocket Boy has finally begun to take full advantage of the videos. He is actually taking notes and is making fewer mistakes as a result.

Grammar- We have arrived at gerunds! Finally, he knows what to do with those pesky "ing" words that act like nouns! The diagrams are looking more and more like a geometry project every day. Check this out:

Literature - Rocket Boy finished Oliver Twist and said he did not like it at all. He also said that once he got used to reading the old English, it was easier to understand.

Science -  This week's chapter was on heredity. Next week Rocket Boy will work on a science kit we have on Genetics & DNA, so I'll post pictures of that.

Bible - we are almost finished with our reading of Genesis. Today Jacob took Esau's birthright and blessing.

Rocket Boy also spent a lot of time updating his FLL team's website. If you have time, he would really appreciate it if you would take the survey on bicycle riding. Just go to the website and click the link for surveys.

Looking forward to a great weekend! How did your week go?


Our Westmoreland School said...

It's too bad he didn't like Oliver Twist. Good for him, though, with math. Oh, and those diagrams do look a bit terrifying (what grade is this?).

Mandy in TN said...

Like geometry, aren't sentence diagrams just visually delightful!

Daisy said...

I love diagramming. It makes me happy. LOL.

Sounds like a great week.

Your label ball thingy is SO cool!

TechWife said...

The diagrams are from Analytical Grammar, season two, so they are about 7th grade, I think.

I've always liked diagramming as well, Daisy. There's just something about having a place for everything with something as elusive as communication!