Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Flies!

As you can tell, I have been busy with school! We are taking things a little slow - the increase in workload for 7th grade has been a bit difficult. Priorities for the next couple of weeks include:
  • Writing/History - continue to teach the various writing assignments that are part of our history program
  • Study Skills - particularly determining the main idea of the text and developing an outline from the reading material
  • Design Your Own Experiment - this is part of science, and will involve choosing a myth to investigate (are yawns contagious, do fresh eggs float, etc.); writing experiment directions, carrying out the experiment, preparing a poster as a visual aid and giving a brief oral report on the experiment and it's results
  • First Science Lab - determining how to keep cut flowers fresh
By the end of next week I hope we will be up to a full schedule!

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